Our Lawn Care Services

Prepare to have your lawn transformed into something your neighbors and friends will admire. We can help you manage your property with our variety yard care services. 

Lawn Insect Control

Insects and pests can quickly take over and destroy sections of your lawn. If not controlled, your entire lawn may have to be re-seeded or replaced. We are experienced in controlling a large variety of insects and other pests which could harm your lawn and possibly kill it.

They include but are not limited to: 

  • Bill Bug
  • Lawn Grubs
  • Cranberry Girdler

Tree & Shrub Care

So often, we have found that trees around homes are neglected. Some believe that only fruit trees require regular treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. All varieites of trees can succumb to disease and insects. This is why it’s important to have the trees around your property treated early in the Spring to prevent damage by common disease or insect infestation.  

They include but are not limited to: 

• Insect Control (Spring, Summer, Fall) • Borer Control • Fruit Tree Insect Control (every 4 weeks)
• Dormant Oils (Spring) • Systemic Insecticide (treatment absorbed through roots) • Fungicides
• Fertilization (deep root feeding) • Spider Barriers

Weed Control

If you own a vacant lot or acreage, you know that by law, you have to control weeds. We offer bare ground weed control with sterilants and/or Round-Up applications. Let us look over your property then offer suggestions and provide a quote.

Lawn Feralization & Weed Control

Prepare to have your lawn transformed into something your neighbors and friends will admire. Let us manage your yard with our lawn fertilization and weed control program. We provide 5 fertilization applications as well as a variety of other lawn care services such as, lawn pre-emergents, sulfur, and lawn insecticide as needed.  

We can rid your lawn of all types of weeds which are common in our area such as:

• Dandelion • Crabgrass • Clover 
• Thistle • Oxalis • Spurge  • & More!

Holiday Lighting

Make your home look its’ best this holiday season with professionally installed lighting. We rent a full range of holiday lights in a variety of colors to make your home look it’s absolute best for you and yours will enjoy. You no longer have to buy, install or store your holiday lights. Let us do it for you. We ask you to book your lighting early to get the best selection.